Sunday, 3 April 2011

My new labels have arrived!

This week has been rather tiring to say the least so I have not been blogging but my labels have arrived to cheer me right up.I'm so happy with them They look so pretty!
Here's a picture:

They come in one big ribbon so you cut them yourself.
I saw them on Marie and kat's blog and knew I wanted some straight away but I had to wait to get paid.

And here's where you can get them:


  1. Oooh how lovely! Glad to be a source of inspiration :) I think you made a good colour choice with red, I went for pink and they are quite tricky to read in some lights. Have fun sewing them into your makes! x

  2. Thanks kat. I really love them. I want to order some more perhaps some that say: Handmade with Love by the Creative Miss W. Blue would be nice to. I have allready sewed them into some things but I'll blog about that later.

  3. Very nice indeed, I'm sure you'll feel very proud sewing them into your makes!

  4. My labels arrived yesterday and I sewed the first one into a garment last night I chose green embroidery. (StellaMay).I love them. I have my first sale at a vintage fair on Saturday.