Thursday, 24 March 2011

Cushionpads too expensive? Try this!

I wanted to make some cushions but the shop didn't have the pads I wanted and my feet were too sore to try anywhere else.They did however have pillows for a very good price.This got me thinking how simple it would be just to make my own for a fraction of the price of the cushion pads. I know you can get filler for exactly this purpose but that's quite expensive and if you use a cushion you can reuse the fabric as well although you will need a bit extra if you are making four like me.
I won't do a tutorial because it's very simple and there are a lot of good cushion tutorials out there allready. It worked just great and I don't think I will ever buy a cushion pad again although I probably will use a better quality cushion.
I know you know what cushions look like but here's a picture of my finished cushionpads anyway,You can only see three because the 4th cushionpad is in the washingmachine as I 've allready spilled some wine on it.

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