Friday, 11 March 2011

Gorgeous New Polka Dot/Stripe Material

I got this gorgeous new fabric!

It's lining so wouldn't really be suitable for a dress as it would be too thin.

So I'm thinking what to do with it!

Some bunting would be nice.

Some lightweight shopping bags.

Cushions maybe.

A new petticoat from the blue and red polka dot fabric would be lovely but would take a bit more time.

I have quite a lot of it as I bought all that was left on the roll.

8 metres of the stripy material and 3 of the polka dot.

Any suggestions?


  1. Oh wow this is gorgeous...was it from the market by any chance?

    I like your ideas for cushions and you could difinitely make some cute reversible shopping bags. The lightness of the fabric might also make a nice vintage-inspired blouse...I am a bit obsessed with blouses at the moment though ;o)

  2. Hi Marie,
    A blouse would be fantastic but unfortunatly it's polyester lining so I don't think it would feel nice which is a shame. I'd love some fabric like this in a better quality though.a silk would be fantastic.
    It was from the market but I don't think he has any left as I bought both rolls but it's always worth a try.How is your sew along going?

  3. Oh, if it's polyester than you're right...a blouse would definitely be a bad idea :o( Regarding the sewalong, I'm ready to start sewing with my actual fashion fabric this weekend! Casey is having a virtual swing dress party on Tuesday, where people will get to unveil their versions! If I work fast and I'm lucky...I just might get to join in!!!