Friday, 4 March 2011

Perfect for bed time :Dutch Anisseed milk recipe/ Anijsmelk recept

Just recently I have been missing food from home a lot. I am half Dutch.In the Netherlands you would just buy the mix to make this.It comes in the form of a cube a bit like a sugar cube.
However without access to dutch shops.And Believe me I tried! I had to make my own.
As It turns out it's very simple!


1,5 tablespoons of Star Anise

500 ml Milk

Sweetener or Sugar

Put the milk and the Star Anise in A large pan and simmer for 15 minutes to an hour.
When done scoop out the Star Anise with a slotted spoon.
There will probably also be a skin on the milk so scoop this out too.
Sweeten using sugar or sweetener. I use 2 sweeteners but you should just sweeten to taste.
This makes a very large mug full but if you want more or less just adjust the recipe. It's roughly 3 tablespoons of Star Anise to every litre of milk.
You could put the Star Anise in a bit of muslin if you don't want to have to scoop it out after.
If you want it to be a bit thicker you can thicken it with a little cornflour but I don't think it's necessary.

Lovely to drink before bed!

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  1. Nice - might try this, we have Star Anise!