Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A few more fabric scrap creations

Jewellery pouch made from a teensy bit of 2 different coordinating t shirts

Mobile phone cover made from a bit of jumper leftover after I made 2 cushions and some legwarmers out of it and a scrap of t shirt. It actually looks much nicer in reality but somehow doesn't look great on photo.

The accidental softie: I was intending to make a cat toy and really quickly and badly whipped this together just to test the pattern i made but as I put the face on it really started to look cute so I put some more (this time deliberate) bad stitches on and finished it. I think it really has charachter. If I do make a cat toy in the future I'll remeber not to put the face on it.I couldn't bear the tought of a cat hurting my poor little softie mouse

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