Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Where to get cheap dressmakers pattern paper

Does anyone else think it's to expensive? You only get 3 sheets and it's over £3.00. So I've been trying to buy it on a big roll . I know it's possible to do this but I can't find any suppliers who do it for a reasonable price. However I did find graph paper on a roll.It's £15.20 plus 1.99 delivery on Amazon
So I'm going to give this a try. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I did see a roll of what they were calling gaming paper which was very cheap but it's not available at the moment.
I also saw some big rolls of tracing paper on Amazon.has anyone tried these?

Canson mm Graph Paper Rolls - 0.75 x 10m


  1. I use either greaseproof paper or brown paper (parcel paper)....i know they don't have squares on, but they're fine for tracing patterns, and dirt cheap too which is a bonus :)

  2. Hi Kat,Thanks for commenting. I have used just about anything,newspaper,brown paper,cereal boxes,birthday cards,wathever wrapping paper i had left but I find using the gridded paper a lot easier and quiker. because it's much easier to check your measurements and get them right I do keep even the tiniest scraps though so I can use them for small projects.Just not cheap!

  3. Here is some dotted marking paper: http://www.amazon.com/Dotted-Marking-Paper-48-Yards/dp/B004TN6AEY/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=arts-crafts&qid=1306245787&sr=1-2

  4. I use wrapping paper for small drafts, you can buy it with grid-lines on the inside too. Its just the right thickness without being too crisp.

    I use baking parchment (unwaxed) for tracing small things, check the surface isn't too shiny/slippery as it makes it hard to draw on and it moves.

    I have an enormous roll of cross and dot paper which is 46 or 48" high and there is 275m of the stuff, I thought it would take forever to use it up, actually it goes down quickly! I got that from eBay and paid about £35 quid with delivery, I'm sorry to say the seller appears to have gone :(

    Recently I bought pattern tracing paper from Morplan thinking it would be ideal for the job. Its too think to trace with and almost impossible to roll or fold without getting crumpled and doesn't iron easily. A real shame as it comes in widths up to 60" and is again 200+m on a roll (cost up to about £60 I think?). They sell dot & cross too - but watch out, their online prices are excluding VAT.

    I was after yellow architects paper (I forget the proper name) for tracing but couldn't find it wider than 24" and I hate having to tape patterns together.

    The graph paper looks like a good substitute for drafting, what is is like for pinning to fabric though? I have to transport my patterns often so its important I can fold and iron it. Actually I'm after a stock of tubes like the one your arrived in for that job!

    Very cute blog too btw!

  5. Hi Molly.Thanks for all your suggestions. I was intending to buy the graph tracing paper at the same time so I'm glad I waited. I really like the graph paper, I haven't had to iron it yet but I'll let you know what the result is.Pinning is no problem at all. It is quite thick,a bit thicker then normal cartridge paper. but that hasn't caused any problems.and yes it does come in a handy tube which is great to keep it clean.

    I'm going to have a look and see what weight the traing paper is.There must a supplier who has a thinner weight because as you say it's really handy it comes in good withs.
    and such a pain to have to tape together.

    I didn't know they sell the dots and cross paper and that was was I was originally after but after trying the graph paper I think that's so much easier and quicker.
    I have to admit that my ruler is a bit bent through using craft knifes with it so I do need to get a new one but with the graph paper it's really quick and easy to see.
    I know what you mean about the baking parchment. The problem I always have is that you can't take it out of the pack before you buy so you don't know until you get it home what it's like. It's also not very wide. I have amassed quite a collection so far trying to find a good one. I guess once you know the brand you like you are ok.I did use some of the splippery waxed stuff I had to tape it together but off course tape doesn't hold well so I also pinned it which is not ideal but it worked.
    Thanks for warning me about morplans VAT.I bought mine of amazon and this didn't seem to be a problem did you go direct?

  6. Oh one thing about this is that it didn't show delivery charges at all before I bought then they just suddenly popped up in my basket. This has happened a couple of times on amazon.thankfully the delivery is very reasonable but still it should tell you before

  7. I went and checked out the graph paper, its now saved for when I need a new roll, it looks ideal, especially after reading your review on it. I also find the dot and cross spacing is inaccurate, your tracing paper will give you precise measurements quickly, it really is a good idea!

    Morplan's tracing paper is 60gsm, you can trace wih it but only if the lines are clear and the light is good. If you have a multi-size pattern and your line is the dotted one its nearly impossible! I get around it by colouring the line in red ink so its easier to see but for me part of the point of tracing patterns is to preserve them, not go doodling over them!

    When I ordered it off Maplin's website it said it was 45gsm which is what I was looking for (or thinner), I was disappointed to see on the label is was 60gsm but it was far to much hassle and expense to send it back. What would be ideal is something just a little thicker than tissue paper, yet to find anything suitable.

  8. Hi Molly, thanks for your comments, A shame it wasn't 45 gsm because that probably would be suitable. I know what you mean about not doodling on your patterns.I'm also still looking and will let you know if I find something good.preferably a large wide roll that comes in a tube with very fine see through paper.