Sunday, 8 May 2011

My great grandma's no oven needed bread and butter pudding

To call it bread and butter pudding is not strictly speaking true. this pudding has no butter in it making it a whole lot healthier and you don't need an oven either.This is my great grandma Marie Louise's recipe.I never met her but she sounds like a great lady.She was a cook at an expensive hotel and she also made beautiful clothes and she even made her own kitchen using fruit crates.


  • Stale bread crusts removed, about half a loaf(you could keep the crusts to feed the birds or make croutons)
  • tin of custard
  • dried fruit:sultanas,raisins etc, about a handful
  • frylight or wathever oil or you prefer to use but not olive oil
optional:cinnamon,ginger,vanilla,orange peel,lemon peel (see what you have)

This is how the'dough' should look before you put in the pan
tip: If you never have enough bread at any one time, save the odd slices you do have and freeze them.
  1. tear the bread into small pieces,the smaller you do this the better
  2. add the custard.
  3. Add the sultanas/raisins/anything else you want to put in there
  4. Let the mixture sit for about 20 minutes 
  5. Spray a couple of squirts of frylight into your pan and get the pan nice and hot
  6. pop little piles of your'dough' into the pan and flatten with a spatula into the shape of a large cookie.Don't bother trying to get them all the same it won't work
  7. fry until they are brown on both sides.

As this is a using up left overs dish I can only give you rough measurements of what you need .Even if you make the 'dough 'a little to wet it will generally still work and the cakes will firm up when they are  cold.
These are great for breakfast/brunch,take them for a pic nic or as dessert with custard or cream.
great grandma in the middle wearing the headscarf

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