Thursday, 19 May 2011

No more wardrobe refashion for today but just a little bit of sewing with scraps

I made this mobile cover from some tiny bits of leftover fabric in my bit bag.
I really like how the fabrics work together.In the past I have just made it up as I go along but I'm trying to be patient and make the pattern so I can make it exactly the same again again.I'm thinking this would be good for presents.
The camera on my phone is annoying me though,It can't white balance it and it has started turning all the whites grey suddenly so I have a blue back ground today.


  1. Oh how cute...great gift idea! Is the one above made from cotton? I can't tell from the photo but it looks like it's a bit fluffy?

  2. Thanks for your comment Marie,Yes it's made from bits of jersey .the lining one is a bit worn making it appear a bit fluffy.

  3. I like it, it looks very snug!