Saturday, 14 May 2011

I'm loving the graph paper! So much better then pattern making paper.

Canson Graph paper 75 cm by 10 metre
So the graph paper I ordered from amazon to try instead of pattern making paper arrived surprisingly quickly.I think it was the following day so I was very impressed.I much prefer it and I think it's better then pattern making paper so I thought I'd post about so you can all try it too if you want. It's milimeter paper which is fantastic,It makes making patterns so much quicker and more accurate then the cm paper particularly if like me your ruler isn't quite straight any more through using craft knifes. It comes in a tube which is handy for tidying away and it's great to have a big roll because with the small sheets you seem to run out so quickly.It's £15.20 plus £1.99 delivery from Amazon.

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