Wednesday, 1 June 2011

The red dress so far

So as usual I've grossly underestimated the time things take to make. Do you do that? Think oh that looks quite simple! I could whip that up in a few hours! 4 days later ....

My project of my earliest refashions.

 I have unpicked the red dress. I don't mind unpicking because you can do it anywhere: I take mine to the park if the weather is nice but more usually I do it in the evenings while we watch something on the I player. well I listen to the i player and my fiancee watches.

I  copied my pattern from my dress It took me a little while to figure out how to do it best but I got there in the end.I did it like this:turned dress inside out,pinned it and copied stitching line. This sounds simple but the hard part was working out how to manoeuvre the garment so I could get to the whole thing.the top has elastic so I had to sort of pin that to the ironing board to stretch it.

I washed and pressed my fabric.

I had to buy a zip for this  and some thread I didn't have anything in my stash but I found a nice little fabric shop near to me which sells all sorts of lovely things including lots of different colours nets.buttons,silks I have lived in the same house for years but somehow never spotted the shop. I doesn't look great from the outside which is probably why.

I tried out different threads I have been having some difficulty with some of my thread leaving a sort of hard scratchy edge. So I really don't want this especially on the bodice as I know this would spoil the garment for me. the trouble is the only thread I could find which felt quite soft is the sort of fluffy cheap kind and it's also polyester. The man in the shop recommended it. I am getting quite confused about thread choice now because everyone seems to say something different. Is polyester thread OK on cotton? In the end I might just have to get  started and hope for the best.

I wondered whether or not to do a muslin.perhaps not necessary here.I cut one out and basted it together.

I did a major sew area reorganise.Sort of  neccesary ,but  procrastination really.
Seeing it all written down I can see why it's taken me a little while longer then I thought originally. I guess it is quite a lot of stuff to do really. I haven't even started cutting yet. and actually I need to do finish off seam allowances on my pattern.


  1. On that note,
    thought I could whip up my orange summer dress yesterday. Did I? Of course not. I got up late, faffed about in Manchester admiring trimmings, finally made some decisions, came home, sat about feeling sorry for myself cos of a bad headache, then eventually managed to iron the fabric and cut out the pattern. This is all. sigh.
    I think I may possibly be overwhelmed with everything I've given myself to do.
    Good luck with the dress, you have done loads already.

  2. Thanks Helen. I guess the thing is to do a little bit at a time which will eventually get you where you want to be. I think you've done well though because to be honoust once you've cut out the dress you've done a good bit of the work.I always find cutting the scariest.particularly when there's not much spare fabric.I know what you mean about being a bit overwelmed. I have so many projects on the go. inspiration is never the problem....

  3. These kind of things - in fact sewing in general - ALWAYS takes me longer than I think it will! You've done the main big things now with you dress, so the rest should come together fairly quickly ;o)

    What's this new shop you've discovered called? I might have to pay it a visit!

    Oh, and you should be fine to use polyester thread...I always do and I've had no problems.

    Good luck! Can't wait to see it!