Friday, 10 June 2011

The history of a gorgeous little hand me down

the bodice is not really that wide ,the coat
hanger is just a bit big for it which is making
it look wider
I  just love this little dress! It's been worn by so many children in the familly.It was bought probably in the early fifties and first it belonged to my mum's cousins, then it was handed down to my mum. She must have worn it in the late fifties Then my auntie came along a few years later probably early sixties by was then passed down to me in the 80's then my little sister in about 98 (my sister is 15 years younger then me and the dress is for a child about age 3 to 4).So this dress has been in use since the fifties and it's still in good condition and it 's now been passed down to me for when I have children.I hope I have at least one girl!

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