Monday, 6 June 2011

Why don't I just do both!

My first repair for make and mend. The bias binding had come away in places and I also added bust darts for a better fit.It's an apron but I do sometimes wear it as a wrap dress

A couple of days after I started Make Do And Mend Wardrobe Refashion New Vintage Lady also started her refashion  Make and Mend. now for a little while I wondered What to do. I wanted to do my own but hers sounded good too and Make and Mend  is a short term project whereas mine is longer term so I decided why don't I just do both! Hope it doesn't get too confusing for you! New vintage lady's refashion also focuses more on repairs so both projects could be done simultaneously and It would be quite nice to get a badge for doing this. I don't know why but it motivates me to get badges and there's certainly no shortage of repairs to do..
I am also making badges for my Make Do And Mend Wardrobe Refashion. My computer is failing to find my scanner so these are a bit delayed but they are coming. I will also start a flickr group if there's a need for it.


  1. That is really pretty, I would wear it as a dress too. I find I am more likely to make something new than do repairs on something old, I don't know why!

  2. Thank you sorbetsurprise It's one of my favourite aprons. I'm thinking of taking a pattern from it so I can make another and modifying the skirt a bit to make it into a proper wrap dress It does stay closed mostly but I do have to wear a slip under it as it's not meant to be a wrap dress of course.