Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Just a teensy change on the dress + another mend = a new outfit

This dress was on my major overhaul pile for ages because it was rather loose at the waist,it has a little stain at the front and the bow made it hard to accessorize and I wasn't sure about the colour either.I thought it really needed a major refashion and was planning to take it apart completly although I did wear it occasionally.

Then I fixed the little red belt for make and mend 2011 It had been on my mend pile for about a year as I was unable to find the red leather needed to fix the little slide that holds the belt shut,As it's quite a long belt this was actually needed as it was unwearable without.In the end I mended it with some red ribbon which matches the colour very well.

So I tried the belt on the dress and it looked pretty good.The skirt doesn't do the bunching thing on me as it does on the doll.but it still didn't look right so I took the bow of and added the flower brooch instead. Much better! I kept the little bow and sewed it on a pin so I can still use it when I want.

I would have liked to have taken pictures of me in it but that would have meant waiting for my fiancee to come home but I'll do some later.I take all my pictures with my mobile which has only a basic camera.


  1. Ooh pretty :) I love the contrast of the belt. I wrote a blog post about your refashion project, I hope you like!

  2. very sweet looking dress. please do post some pictures of you wearing it. :)

  3. Thanks yu Fiona. I'm planning to take a pattern from this one next as it's quite simple so i could do them fairly quickly. If there's enough people intrested I could make the pattern available on my blog.

  4. Pretty dress! Very summery and feminine!

  5. Simple adjustments but this slightly turquoisey shade of blue with red is great together. The little details always make the difference eh? x