Thursday, 2 June 2011

Scarf to bag in seconds/no sewing required

I didn't invent this. Well I did, but as it turns out  my way is pretty similar  to an old japanese way of carrying food and other stuff I imagine too. You can use this for anything really but be careful with books as the edges might damage the scarf if it's quite thin.


  1. This is so cute - a really effective and sweet way of making an instant bag. And what's even better is that I always see scarfs in charity shops and think 'well, it's pretty, but I'm not really of a silk-scarf wearing look'. Now I can buy the pretty scarfs and make something different and useful. Thanks for this - can I mention this on my blog (crediting your blog of course)? My blog is Please take a look. Mona

  2. Hi Mona, I'm really pleased you like it.I'd be honoured to get a mention on your blog.If you wanted to show the video though It would be great if you could post the link on your blog rather then copying the video. and off course as you allready say in your comment you would credit my blog which is great.
    I know just what you mean about seeing all the pretty scarves and leaving them as you don't know what to do with them. I did the same for ages myself as I am not really a scarf wearer either until I thought of things to do with them.