Monday, 13 June 2011

Some very lucky vintage finds

I've always wanted one of these collar/cuff sets
and was going to make one,
 so you can imagine how excited I was
 to find this in perfect condition unworn in its original packaging.


I just love the green vintage embroidery hoop.


Unfortunatly not in my size but perhaps I can grade it up.
It would make a great basic skirt which I  really need.
I just love the illustration as well!


  1. indeed. what lovely lucky finds!

  2. I love the collar and cuff set - that's going to make a top or dress very pretty indeed. I really want to get into embroidery - does your embroidery hoop mean that this is something you know how to do? p.s. just posting details of your scarf to bag tutorial on my blog as we speak... but your exciting finds are distracting me!

  3. Hi needlepullingthread, I can't really embroider but I'd like to learn. If this had been a normal avarage embroidery hoop I wouldn't have got it because I do have a few allready.I just got it because I love the colour.I quite like doing cross stitch because it's quite simple really and you can get good results without having to learn loads first.I do absolutely love the collar set. when I have some time I will take a pattern from it and make some more

  4. Beautiful collar and cuff envious!

  5. That's a really sweet skirt pattern and I bet finding the collar made your day.

  6. It did make my day.I'm so pleased with it.I'm going to take a pattern from it and make some more